Featured Products

  • ET Solar
    Specifically designed for fast and simple installation on residential rooftops, ET Kit offers a package of high quality inverters and system components and delivers strong performance and reliability.

  • azur solar
    AZUR Solar Power Kits and Components for the UK from within the UK. Under the umbrella of AZUR Solar Distribution we provide our complete range of kits and components for UK dealers, installers and distributors.

Solar Products

Croft Solar & Electrical

These are just a few of the solar products that we currently install. If you have any further questions regarding these products or any of the services offered by Croft Solar & Electrical then please do not hesitate to contact us

Electrical Services

Electrical installation work is a task which requires an experienced electrician to ensure a safe environment is maintained in your home or business.

If you would like to arrange an electrical installation, call Croft Electrical now on 07779712424. We'll send a fully qualified electrician out to you straight away or at your own convenience.